Cheil X SmartWays

Cheil is more than just Samsung’s favorite go-to agency when it comes to outstanding creative work. We also drive digital innovations and create smart tools for companies that put a high value on their retail business, such as SmartWays, which was made to make Samsung’s field force better coordinated and highly effective.

The way out of the box

What defines us

SmartWays emerged from real issues and requirements in managing one of the largest field force campaigns in all of Europe. It was born out of necessity, and is the joint intellectual work of many experts in retail or technology areas and operation managers who use the system daily. This separates us from all of our competitors and brings us much closer to the actual challenges we want to address.

Our mission though, was not only to create digital tools which automate frustrating, expensive, or even humanly impossible tasks. The focus of all our intentions was always to rethink the ways users of the system will use and understand in it. Why do business software still need to look like they come from another century? The generations of people who are now mainly in control of managing the merchandising, maintenance, or delivery operations worldwide, grew up with video games and media that started reshaping their expectations and abilities decades ago. SmartWays takes all the experience gathered in user experience and puts it into what we understand as a new-generation field service platform.

To be is to do

Why we stand out


Technological be smarter.


Knowledge & be stronger.


Sincere be faster.


Leadership & be better.

Show don’t tell

How SmartWays

We believe that success evaluation must be based on numbers. SmartWays vastly improved every performance criterion of Samsung’s field force operation in Germany.

How Samsung Germany innovated their field force

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Our team of professionals

Leading the SmartWays

Volker Selle
CEO & President
Bumsu Kim
Retail Strategy Director
Danish Daniel Qureshi
Technology Innovation Director