No shortcuts.
Only smart ways.

Optimize your tours and make field service work more efficient.

SmartWays is an AI-driven tour-planning tool that provides you with the best possible solution for your fleet force to achieve all set objectives at once. Whether on a daily basis, periodically, or on-demand, if you only have a few drivers or a large fleet: SmartWays optimizes your routes to success.

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Key Features

Smart ways.
Smart technologies.

Next generation tour optimization.

SmartWays offers a wide range of high-end technologies to reshape driver and location management, tour optimization, as well as performance, issue, and success analysis for your drivers and operation.


Import and control your data intuitively. Display your locations and drivers on the map. Color the locations by driver region, grading, fulfillment and much more.


Create objectives based on your own operational targets and prioritize them. Let AI generate tours that maximize your operational success.


See driver and objective status live on the map. React to issues by assigning ad-hoc orders to specific or best-fitting drivers.


Allocate your drivers to your objectives and tasks with the click of a button. Balance your tasks fairly to avoid employee dissatisfaction.


Let AI determine your driver’s performance and validate your planning assumptions, such as your expected task duration. Improve your operations effectiveness over time.


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Improvement results

Benefits from touring smart

Driver Productivity
Back Office Efforts
CO2 Efficiency

With SmartWays you can make sure that your individual goals and targets will always be prioritized, whether they contain recurring visits, concrete appointment coordination, or deliveries. You will be able to increase efficiency, optimize your operations, and reduce the amount of time needed for administration and organization – even in home office, where SmartWays can take away the planning process from drivers completely and make work easier for them.

money bag
Immensely increased amount and quality of driver visits
Reduced Backoffice operation time and increased planning logic
Home office requirements reduced to the minimum
Environmental impact through less mileage and emissions
Continuous field data analysis and success evaluation
Improved collaboration between staff and other departments

Customer success stories

How Samsung Germany innovated their field force

„SmartWays has innovated the operation of our field force campaigns completely. No other software had allowed us to become as effective and efficient as we have been since its implementation.“


Erwin Schwabauer
Field Force Management
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SmartWays was created with operation in mind

Our retail, field force, and technology experts will gladly answer every question and demonstrate every aspect of our system to you. Contact us directly to schedule a call.

Bumsu Kim
Retail Strategy Director
Danish Daniel Qureshi
Technology Innovation Director
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